It has been noted by many Masonic historians, that there was a gathering of Freemasons in Bradford in the year 1713; and this is supported by certain extracts from a minute book in possession of York Lodge, which are said to have been taken from an earlier minute book, now lost. Positive proof cannot be proved, however.

It is justified in thinking that the Secretary who entered the record acted in good faith as it was written that a certain Bro Bussey wrote to Bro Bradley (Lodge of Antiquity, London) stating he had inspected an original minute book of his Grand Lodge beginning at 1705 and ending in 1734, from which he extracted the names of the Grand Masters during that period. He went on to say that during this period the Grand Lodge was not holden twice together at the same house, and there is an instance of its being holden once (in 1713) out of York, at Bradford in Yorkshire when eighteen Gentlemen of the first families in that neighbourhood were made Masons.

Since then it has not been possible to establish any other succession of Freemasonry in Bradford until the formation of The Lodge of Hope in 1794. For fifty eight years Lodge of Hope was the only Bradford Lodge. In 1852 Lodge of Harmony was formed, followed by Pentalpha (1863), Shakespeare (1897), Eccleshill (1864), Prince of Wales (1876), Lodge of Acacia (1889), Victoria (1897), Ionic (1906), King Edward VII (1910), and Corinthian (1912).